White stew with chickpeas and sweet potato

This dish is quite easy to make, especially if you have some chickpeas ready (that means cooked) but involves a lot of chopping and cutting so preparation can consume time if you’re cooking for a number of people.

The flavor was interesting but I do not know exactly where to placed it, I have never tried coconut flavor in a salty meal so it is a little weird. Generally I like stews and similar all-in-one dishes so I would say that to me it tastes better than it really is. The people in my office said it was really good, so that must count for something.


Difficulty – 2/5

Taste – 4/5

Preparation time – 30 min (24 h + 1 h if chickpeas are not cooked)

Cooking time – 45 min

Preparation and cooking

Source – Magazine “Dobra Hrana”, february 2017.


300 g cooked chickpeas; 1 medium sweet potato; 1 large onion; 1 clove of garlic; 1 medium carrot; 1 smaller root of parsley or celery; 4-5 large leaves of mangel or spinach; 1 coconut milk; 1 laurel leaf; salt and pepper

* The list of ingredients was taken directly from the magazine. Since I was cooking this dish for my office (5 people), I put 500 g of dried chickpeas that turned into 900 g after 24 h of soaking in cold water and about 1 h of cooking. I may have gone too far with the amount but since 5 is not a small number and it is good to have some leftovers for the freezer and the next day, I think that in the end 900 g will not be too much (btw I was right about the amount, ka-pow!). Given the fact that I had three times the amount of chickpeas listed in the recipe I needed more of everything else. I have put 500 g of peeled and sliced carrots and 300 g of celery (which is all I had anyway). Unfortunately I did not have enough onions, just two of them. The same was with garlic, only two cloves. Poor preparation for me, what can you do? I could have gone to the store but was too lazy. I also had no mangel or spinach, but that’s ok cause it was winter and these leaves did not seem like an important part of the recipe. I had a can of coconut milk (400 ml) and some sweet potato (500 g). I also had lots of frozen laurel leaves as well as pepper and salt.


Step 1.

Chop onions, cut root vegetables into cubes and sweet potato into slightly larger cubes (30 min). Put the chopped onions on olive oil, throw it all onto the stove and add a little salt to make it loosen up faster (5 min).


Step 2.

When the onions are nice and soft, add the root vegetables (carrot and celery) and fry them a little (10 min).


Step 3.

Now you add some water, garlic and spices – salt, pepper and laurel leaf (I put in three small ones) and let the vegetables cook some more (15 min).


Step 4.

Now you add the sweet potato and a little more water if necessary (vegetables should be covered by water) and let it cook a little longer (10 minutes).


Step 5.

The final stage is to add coconut milk and chickpeas. Let it boil a few more minutes in order for all the flavors to connect. If by any chance you have some mangel or spinach, then add it at the end when the boiling is done (5 min).


Bon appetit!



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