Kaiserschmarrn for lazy people

I have been making this dish since forever and it is my favorite special-breakfast dish. This version is fast to make because the recipe is a little different from the original, that is, you do not need to separate yolk from the egg white and then beat egg white into foam and so on and so forth. I am not saying this way is better, but it is faster, cleaner and easier.

The taste of this dish is wonderful, especially if you put raisins inside the mix like I do. Cinnamon is not necessary but it does give the core pancake a nice, exotic flavor.


Difficulty – 1/5

Taste – 5/5

Preparation time – 5 min
Cooking time – 10

Preparation and cooking

Source – My dear mother


2 medium eggs; 3 tbsp of brown sugar; 4-5 tbsp of flour (T-550); some mils; some mineral water with bubbles; fisful of raisins; some cinnamon (minced); chunk of butter


Step 1.

Break those two eggs and whip them good. Then add flour, sugar and cinnamon. Stir the mix strongly until there are no lumps. The mixture will probably be too stiff so you can add just a little of both milk and mineral water. The final mixture should be denser than the classical mixture for pancakes. You can always add some more flour if you are not satisfied. The last step before cooking is to add raisins.


Step 2.

Put your pan on the lit stove and throw than chunk of butter into it. Wait until it has melted and heated some before you put your mixture in.


Step 3.

Spread the mixture evenly across the pan and then lower the heat on your stove and let it cook nice and slow. Check how it is doing every few minutes by lifting the “pancake”. If it is getting brow, you should flip it and cook it some more on the other side.


Step 4.

After a few minutes check the underside, if it is brownish you need to start breaking the fat pancake into smaller bits by using, for example, two ladles. When you break it up, just throw it around for a minute or two and then it is finished.


If you, for some reason, do not like or eat raisins, just remove them from the recipe and use anything you like – fresh fruit, chocolate, more sugar, honey or nutella – everything works!

Bon appetit!



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