Ragu alla bolognese

Bolognese sauce is my favourite  type of pasta sauce. Although it is only a sauce, it can be lavish if you make it properly and can be used in many other dishes, such as lasagne or moussaka.


Difficulty – 2/5

Taste – 5/5

Preparation time – 30 min

Cooking time – 2,5 h

Preparation and cooking

Source – “The ultimate italian cookbook” by Carla Capalbo


25 g butter, 60 ml olive oil, 1 middle-sized onion (chopped), 25 g of chopped bacon, 1 carrot (chopped), 1 piece of celery staple (chopped), 1 garlic clove (crushed), 350 g of minced baby beef, 150 ml of red wine, 125 ml of milk, 400 g of chopped peeled plum tomatoes with juice, 1 laurel leaf, some thyme, salt and pepper


Step 1.

Put the oil and the butter in a big cooking pot (the bigger the better) and heat it. Add chopped onion and let it loosen up a bit. This time I was using young garlic so I have put it with the onions as you can see in the picture below.


Step 2.

Add the bacon and let it fry for a bit until both it and the onion become transparent. Next you add all of the vegetables – celery, carrot and garlic if you haven’t done it already and let it all cook fora a few minutes.


Step 3.

Add minced meat and try to press it really hard into the vegetables so that it is well mixed and connected with each ingredient. Now cook it all until meat turns brownish. Add some salt and pepper.


Step 4.

Now add the wine and wait until most of it evaporates then add milk and again wait until it mostly evaporates.


Step 5.

Add tomatoes with juice, laurel and thyme. Let the mixture reach a boiling point and then lower the heat to minimum and let it simmer for 2 hours. You should stir it a bit every now and then.


Step 6.

When it is done you just need some cooked pasta and you can enjoy this lovely sauce. Whan I cook this, I make double the portion (800 g minced meat) so that I can divide it and freeze it for later use and I find this very practical.


Bon appetite!


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